South Sudan is the wealthiest nation on earth.

But true wealth — people-to-people connection — can only flourish in a healthy economy.

We are South Sudanese trying our best to feed our hungry neighbors during these difficult times.

South Sudan has experienced 7,000% inflation in the last three years, devastating the lives of its people. Thanks to generous donations from around the world, we've been able to help out.

Building Bonds

South Sudan is like one big village; 11 million people and everyone knows each other.

When one community member shares with another those ties are reinforced, weaving people back together after the longest civil war on the continent.

Stronger Together

A meal shared by eatBCH never costs anyone their dignity.

Since we are all from the same community, nobody has to pay the price in pride for a little help.

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Meet Our Volunteers

Emmanuel Lobijo


Emma is the founder & CEO of Junub Open Space, an open literacy resource and community innovation space. He has been mentoring young African entrepreneurs since 2018.

Rose Acindhel


Rose, founder of Lawanci, is a grassroots women’s activist who promotes women’s full participation in decision-making. Formerly, Rose served as Chair on the Anti-Corruption Committee; Women’s State Rep. to the Gender Commission; Peace Mobiliser for the CNHPR; and head of National Electoral Commission for Warrap state.

Garang Deng


Garang is a peace lover, tech guru and photography enthusiast. He is a student of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies at the University of Juba. He is also a freelance transcriber for BBC Media Action.

Justoson Victor Yuasa


Justoson, Team Leader of People’s Empowerment Center (PEC), is currently studying Peace and Governance at UMU as a recipient of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung scholarship. He is an alumni of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI), and an active member of Lions Club of Yei.

Thiong Deng


Thiong is a peace activist and founder of the Youths Cultural Interface Movement. He's an advocate for child rights and gender justice and is a Political Science student at the University of Juba.

Bior Ajang


Bior is a peacebuilder, community empowerment activist and social media activist. He is founder of Ataka Tech Hub, and CEO of South Sudan Community Change Drama Group, in Bor. Bior is also a self-made solar engineer and DIY advocate.

Letiwa Esther Manikese


Letiwa specializes in African Tropical Medicine and heads the Department of Natural Medicine at PEC. She truly enjoys the work she does helping women and girls. She holds a degree in Social Work and Administration from UCU.

Knight Suzan Philip


Knight is a trained social worker and talented vocalist (gospel and peace songs), as well as a presenter at Radio Spirit. She holds a Business Studies degree from NIMSA and currently serves as Head of Finance at PEC.

Emmanuel Anur Towongo


Anur is the Program Officer at PEC South Sudan. He holds degrees from Nkumba University Entebbe Uganda and Strathmore University Nairobi Kenya. Anur is currently engaged in strengthening the relationship between the civil population and the military.

We would love to do more for our people.

Right now we are spending $25 per week in each of five locations around the country. Our goal is to increase that to $200 per week in 11 locations. Anything you can give to help us achieve that goal is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for making a difference.


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