Direct, transparent & borderless.

eatBCH is a peer-to-peer electronic cash-to-food system.

We turn Bitcoin Cash into smiles.

With our first $5 we fed 40 people in one location. After a few months, we were giving thousands of meals each week in 23 locations. Now we're in two countries. So how do we do it?

Generous patrons around the world donate Bitcoin Cash.

We've been blessed to have people and corporations donate over 130 Bitcoin Cash in our first year.

We use that money to buy food from local vendors

Every penny we receive goes to buying food. Volunteers in each region turn that food into hot meals for their communities.

Our local volunteers distribute the meals

In most cases the people come together and eat as a community. But we also deliver meals directly to the sick and elderly.

Make a Donation

People like you make our work possible.

Frequently Asked Questions


QWho started eatBCH?

AeatBCH was started by Jose and Gabriel, two brothers in Venezuela.

QWhen was eatBCH founded?

AeatBCH came about organically after a $5 donation. The donation came in the form of a Bitcoin Cash tip by Jonathan Silverblood. You can see the original Reddit post here.

QWhy did you start eatBCH?

ASeeing people we knew since childhood reduced to begging and searching trash bags for scraps of food gave us a sense of hopelessness, depression, and urgency.

Use of Funding

QWhat do you spend our donations on?

ARight now we are 100% cash-for-food.

QWhat about "administrative" costs?

AEveryone working for eatBCH is doing so on their own time. We currently do not pay ourselves or any volunteers.

QHow can we verify that funds are spent properly?

AYou can view all eatBCH expenditures on the public blockchain. Here are the explorer links for the general account as well as the Venezuela account and the South Sudan account.

Taxes & Legality

QIs donating to eatBCH legal?

AAs long as cryptocurrency is legal in your country, then donating to eatBCH should be ok.

QIs a donation to eatBCH a tax write-off?

AIt might not be. We are not officially registered as a charity in any country, which is often a requirement for charitable write-offs. If you're concerned, please contact your accountant before donating.

QIs eatBCH legal in the countries it helps?

AAlthough the work we do is not illegal, we definitely exist in some gray areas. We try to stay "under the radar" to avoid any personal security issues.

Bitcoin Cash

QWhat is Bitcoin Cash?

ABitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system developed by Satoshi Nakamoto.

QWhy do you sometimes call it BCH?

AMost cryptocurrencies are traded on exchanges, and to do so they need a ticker symbol. Bitcoin Cash's ticker is BCH.

QHow can I get some Bitcoin Cash to donate?

AThere are some decent instructions on the website.

Thank you for making a difference.


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