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The humanitarian, innovative, and very impactful approach taken by eatBCH projects has gattered significant interest. Here are some online articles, news, and other resources that spread the word and try to help.

March 2019

eatBCH – Bitcoin Cash Community Has Raised Over $10,000 to Feed Vulnerable South Sudanese

The eatBCH team uses Ugandan exchange Coinpesa to convert the BCH to mobile money, which it then uses to make its food purchases.

Alex Lielacher –

February 2019

EatBCH Venezuela Celebrates First Anniversary

Two individuals started EatBCH with only a $5 donation. With that tiny fraction of BCH, the nonprofit managed to give 40 arepas in one location, and the team saw the potential of that kind of charity.

EatBch: Un año alimentando a los Venezolanos

Una ayuda realmente necesaria debido a la hiperinflación que afecta la posibilidad de acceder a una dieta alimentaria básica por parte de sus ciudadanos debido al constante aumento de precio de los alimentos.

Harold Franco – NOTIBOOM

December 2018

Crypto’s Year in Venezuela Part 1: Petro Launches, EatBCH, Russian Ties, Trump’s Ban

EatBCH, a charity that has now extended to South Sudan, surges in Venezuela as a way of helping ailing and hungry people to get a meal.

Linzerd – CoinSpice

November 2018

Humanitarian Crypto Initiatives for Venezuela

Using cryptocurrencies for international donations and humanitarian aid means that funds can be sent faster, with much lower transaction fees, and more transparency as to how the funds are spent.

Elena Giralt – Caracas Chronicles

October 2018

Bitcoin Cash Association to Fund Eatbch Charity

Since the project’s inception, the effort has grown from one country to two. Multiple times a week, men, women and children are given nourishment from the Eatbch team.

Jamie Redman –
Bitcoin Cash Association Funds $1,000 a Month Grant to EatBCH

This is great news for the community behind the initiative, […], and for Señor José, the Venezuelan founder of this grassroots charity who has helped thousands of Venezuelans to calm hunger.

Linzerd – CoinSpice
How Crypto Charities and Businesses are Helping Venezuelans Beat Hyperinflation

What’s notable about eatBCH is that they try to help those most in need. The Venezuelan division delivers food to a nursing homes every Saturday, and puts an emphasis on helping families, mothers, elderly and children in need.

Tanvir Zafar – Hackernoon

September 2018

Nonprofit Eatbch Shows How Every Little Microtransaction Helps

When the region suffered from some earthquakes Eatbch Venezuela had some issues, but still managed to feed people.

Jamie Redman –
Can Cryptocurrency Help Venezuela?

Given its decentralized and peer-to-peer nature, cryptocurrency transactions in networks like Bitcoin or Ethereum are outside of President Maduro’s control.

Moises Rendon – Associate Director and Associate Fellow, Americas Program

July 2018

Follow the EatBCH Model And Send Aid to Venezuela Through Crypto Says Washington Based Think Tank

The use of cryptocurrency to safely transfer worldwide donations, following a model like EatBCH, is a novel approach already creating a positive impact for Venezuelans on the ground today.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies
The Maduro Diet: Food v. Freedom in Venezuela

The use of cryptocurrency to safely transfer worldwide donations, following a model like EatBCH, is a novel approach already creating a positive impact for Venezuelans on the ground today.

Moises Rendon – Associate Director and Associate Fellow, Americas Program
More Cryptocurrency Transfers Needed To Aid Struggling Venezuelans, Think Tank Urges

The account administrator regularly posts photos from the ground, ostensibly chronicling how the funds were used and who was assisted.

Aaron Stanley – Forbes

June 2018

Eat BCH on Mission to Feed Humanitarian in South Sudan

The application of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology will be enormous if used for the social cause.

Qadir AK – Coinpedia
Cryptocurrency helps those in need via charities: eatBCH has a second location

Tens of pictures emerge everyday to show an enthusiastic team, powered by the generosity of an even more enthusiastic crypto community.

PAULA D. BACIU – Chepicap

April 2018

Meet the Charity ‘eat BCH’ – the P2P Electronic Cash-to-Food System

Nearly every single day for over three months the group’s Twitter handle shows pictures of children and adults getting all kinds of food

Jamie Redman –

March 2018

EatBCH: Venezuelans Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency Donations?

What started as a simple donation is slowly becoming a huge hit.

Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team

February 2018

@EatBCH Feeds Struggling Venezuelans With Bitcoin Cash 

It is really nice to see how much can be achieved when the crypto community backs down a social effort.

EatBCH Venezuela — Bitcoin Cash

This is what everyone in the community envisioned when we first read Satoshi’s white paper. People helping people with a decentralized currency.

Cody James – Bitcoin Cash Fund